Mirror Making Class:  Fall 2003-Spring 2004

After making a bunch of mirrors for myself, I decided to teach a mirror making class.  Ten people signed up and I ordered all the supplies in a big batch.  Sizes ranged from 6" F/8 to 10" F/6.  Over the following months, the students ground and polished.  Most got too busy with their college classes and stopped coming.  But, everyone learned a lot, and three have finished.

Alejandro Montiel and Michael Avara finished their 6" F/8 mirrors during the classes, and Michael has built a telescope from it.

As of February 12th, 2006, John Stone has finished his 8" F/6 mirror, and it is smooth and very accurate.

I suspect Ratnam's mirror will languish in a closet until he retires.....

Here are links to pictures from many of the sessions:
Oct. 23rd, 2003
Oct. 30th, 2003
Nov. 6th, 2003
Nov. 20th, 2003
Feb. 19th, 2004
May 4th, 2004

I'd like to teach another class in the future, but for now I will stick with having informal group meetings of local friends at my house every week.

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