Mirror Stands

The first test stand was described in an issue of Telescope Making magazine.  It's PVC pipe with pegboard attached.  Shelf hooks can be moved around and support the mirror.  A thumbscrew on the front controls tilt.  Overall, this is a good stand for mirrors under 8" in aperture.

PVC stand 1PVC stand 2

For larger mirrors, up to 20", I built this next stand.  I have to make more mirror support blocks, but they are interchangeable and adjustable in height.  The safety clip can be moved up and down in a T-track, which is sold for use in woodworking jigs.  This stand is rock solid, and a furniture glide with a spike attached is inserted in a hole in the bottom of the front adjustment bolt, and so the front of the tester does not "walk around" when the knob is turned.

stand 1 stand 2 stand 3 stand 4

This stand makes testing much more pleasant.

To support some thin 13.1" mirrors that I made, I used a curved support to rest the mirrors on.  It was lined with pile-type weatherstripping, that is, the stuff that is like a miniature version of shag carpeti, with little fibers sticking up.  I used two widths of this weatherstripping on the support.  Here are photos of the support attached to the stand, the second being a closeup.

Stand and 13" supportCloseup of contoured support

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