Pitch Tester

Well, after lots of pitch frustration in my first year of mirror making, I took an evening or two and put together a very nice pitch tester.  The weight is very close to 1 kg (Texereau's weight of choice) and I tried to make the point similar to his specs as well, though it it certainly not exact.  The weight is attached to a piece of 1/2" square steel stock, and the end of the steel is drilled to accept a large nail that I ground the point on.  It can slide up and down and lock the point at various heights to accommodate laps of different thickness.  The dial indicator measures the fall of the mass quite accurately.

pitch tester 1 pitch tester 5pitch tester 2

I'll include fall data for various laps when I get a chance.  Now here are two pictures that demonstrate the motion of the weight and point - in the first photo the weight is all the way down, in the second I'm lifting it up.

pitch tester 2 pitch tester 3

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