May 1, 2011:  Outside the Shop

It's nice to have a shop with real windows.  For a while I worked in my old basement, but in 2009 I bought a new house and set up a new shop, and it has four windows.  That lets me see natural light and the wildlife running around outside.

Here are a few photos of some of the wildlife, taken from outside and inside, through windows and even window screens.


Above a pheasant walks around the edge of the prairie grass to the west of my house.  This photo was taken through a window in my living room with a 300mm lens.

Baby rabbit

A baby rabbit hides from me in the grass.  This was taken outside, and I just kept walking closer and taking photos until it ran off.

Large bird

This bird is wecome to eat as many mice, ground squirrels, and other annoying rodents as it can catch with its sharp talons.

Ground squirrel

This is a ground squirrel (photo taken through a window screen and window).  You might think it's cute.... until you step in a hole that it has dug in your yard.  They will be good for target practice.

One day I believe I even saw a mink scurrying across my lawn, but I have not seen it since.  I hope it will return and eat the mice and ground squirrels.

Storm rolls in

Recently a very nasty storm rolled through, and luckily no damage was done.  Here is one photo taken out the shop door as the storm rolled in.

Natural static

This one wasn't taken from the shop, but from a door on the level above.  I thought I'd include it anyway.

Please check back for future installements of "In the Shop".

Mike Lockwood
Lockwood Custom Optics

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