Mike Lockwood's Telescopes and Projects, etc.

Here are the telescopes I've worked on so far.  I made or refigured all the mirrors in my own my scopes, with the exception of the 8" F/6 that I built and sold to a friend years ago.  The other telescopes mentioned belong to local clubs or friends, and I either built them or contributed significant effort to building them.  Newer or more interesting projects have links with larger text.

To date I've made the telescopes listed below under "My Telescopes", and I have ground or refigured a total of ~300 mirrors including four Cassegrain optical sets, several flats of varying sizes, and quite a few elliptical diagonal mirrors, up to 8.25" minor axis.  Overall, I believe I've been involved in making or working on over 40 telescopes.  I've taught one telescope making class and one mirror grinding class, both through a college club.  On Tuesday nights I often host a meeting of a group of ATM friends.  I help friends work on mirrors and test them in the basement.  These meetings of friends help to counteract the depressing effects of the lousy cloudy winter weather here in Illinois.

I was president of the Champaign-Urbana Astronomical Society for 2006 and 2007 (member since 2003) and a member of the Astronomical Society at the University of Illinois (UIAS, member since 1997).  I was a member of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society from ~1990-1996, and a member of the Rose-Hulman Astronomical Society during my undergraduate years there from 1993-1997, president from 1995-1997.

My TelescopesTelescopes I own(ed), in approximate order of completion.

  5.25" F/8.8 (version 1), 8" F/6 (sold), 10" F/6.8 (version 1) - some early scopes, either disassembled or sold.  10" won two awards at ~1992 Apollo Rendezvous.
8" F/3.9 - my FIRST mirror!  Award winner at Astrofest 2003.
  5.25" F/8.8 (version 2) - award winner at Astrofest 2003.
  10" F/6.8 (version 2) - award winner at Astrofest 2004, now for sale because I don't use it enough.
16" F/4 "Hex Scope" - award winner at Prairie Skies 2004 and Astrofest 2004.
  4.25" F/4.5 - award winner at Prairie Skies 2004.
  6" F/6 Travel Scope - fits in carry-on luggage.  (Now stripped of its focuser and secondary for use in my new 8" travel scope, linked below.)
12.5" F/12.5 Classical Cassegrain - Dob-mounted, open-tubed, and wire-spidered!  Craftmanship and design award at Astrofest 2005Featured in October 2006 Sky & Telescope.
10" F/8.8 - No-compromise planetary scope.  Fast setup, compact when disassembled.  Craftmanship and design awards at Astrofest 2005Featured in March 2006 Sky & Telescope.
10" F/5.5 - Same mirror box, cage, and type of truss structure as the F/8.8, but shorter!  This scope has been sold to a good home.
8" F/5.4 travel scope - My new travel scope, with a novel two-part collapsible truss structure.

Other ProjectsA joint project and those built by friends using my optics.

30" F/3.8     - Joint project with (and owned by) Mike Conron and Bob Nonnemann, award winner at 2004 Astrofest and Prairie Skies 2006.
  5" F/5           - prototype for my class (see UIAS projects below)
9" F/4.8        - Russ Jocoy's scope, (I made the ~1/2" thick plate glass mirror)
13.1" F/4.5  - Russ Jocoy's scope, (I made the 3/4"-thick plate glass mirror)
14.25" F/20.8   - Dave Moore's classical Cassegrain (I refigured the primary and made a new 3" secondary)

24" (0.61m) F/4.5  - Bob Holmes' second home-built research telescope (I made the primary mirror)
32" (0.81m) F/4.0  - Bob Holmes' home-built monster fork-mounted research telescope ( I made the mirror)
43.4" (1.1m) F/4.0 - I have been chosen to make the optics for this large, portable amateur telescope.  NEW
28" F/4.4 RC - A very fast Cassegrain (not a Newt!) intended for imaging.  I refigured the optics.  NEW


CUAS projects(Champaign-Urbana Astronomical Society)

16" F/4.2 CUAS Club dobsonian - a true team effort leading to an excellent portable club scope.
16.25" F/12.5 CUAS Cassegrain pages - Refiguring optics and partial rebuild of the telescope.  Telescope now operational.

UIAS projects(Astronomical Society at the University of Illinois)

5" F/5 scope building class - link to 5" F/5 class pictures
12.5" F/6 Cave Rebuild/Refigure - a bumpy mirror smoothed out and a new mounting
12.5" F/6 Truss Scope Rebuild/Refigure - reworking a truss-tube scope
Cleaning a 12" Brashear Refractor - A great experience, and views are much improved.

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