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TeleVue eyepieces and accessories
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Sky Tracker goto-then-track drive system - This device interfaces with a standard Sky Commander digital setting circle unit at give the telescope TRUE goto and full tracking abilities. NO external computer or platform is needed.
-- $2,195 installed on a new scope. Price does not include the Sky Commander, which is required to run the system.
-- Add $195 for installation on an existing Starmaster telescope.

• Dual Hand Controllers allows one to be left on the secondary cage and one next to the Sky Commander.  Recommended for 24" scopes -- $295.

Sky Commander digital setting circles -- $595 installed.

Sky Commander dew shield -- $20.

Feathertouch two-speed focuser upgrade.  Adjustable brake -- $365.00 extra.
A superbly crafted focuser, and highly recommended for all Starmaster Telescopes. Made in the USA by Starlight Instruments.

Transport Handles with large pneumatic wheels makes scopes up through 24" easy to move -- $145.

Dually Transport Handles with TWO pneumatic wheels on each handle.  These are great for heavier scopes or for moving scopes over soft ground such as sandy soils.  REQUIRED for 28" and 30" scopes -- $195

Secondary Mirror Heater to keep you dew free -- $95 for 9V version installed, or $125 with wiring package from secondary to the 12 volt outlet on the Sky Tracker accessory plate.

NEW! 2" AstroSystems Collimation Tool Set - includes 2" sight tube/cheshire and autocollimator -- $165

NEW! 2" AstroSystems Laser Collimator -- $129

StarStep Observing Chair - This dandy combination chair/step-stool is ideal for making your observing comfortable. It is ideal for the 11" - 20" Super FX-Q telescopes, and those with similar eyepiece heights. It features an adjustable seat height, and it folds for storage -- $149, plus $79 shipping/handling.

Observing Guides - So you have a Starmaster telescope, but what do you look at after all of the easy objects have been picked off? Alvin Huey's site FaintFuzzies.com has a total of ten observing guides available. This includes three observing guides for sale (Hickson group, Abell Planetary Nebulae, and Arp Peculiar Galaxies) and seven FREE observing guides that you can download.

Scope Covers - We are a dealer for TeleGizmos scope covers. Cover is shown on a 16.5" FX in the photo below. Call for more information.

All major components of Starmaster Telescopes are made with pride in the United States of America by small, community based companies.

-Cancelled orders will be subject to a restocking fee which will be equal to 15% of the BASE price of the telescope, NO EXCEPTIONS.
-Orders are not transferable without permission of Starmaster Telescopes and will be subject to additional fees.
-We are now accepting international orders for telescopes 22" in aperture and under.

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