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NOTE:  This is an archive copy of the Starmaster web site, for reference purposes.


We will no longer accept orders for new telescopes.
We will REMAIN OPEN for parts, repairs and customer support.
I will continue to be available, as usual, to answer the phone and return calls to my valued customers seven days a week.
A sincere THANK YOU to all our customers, associates, and suppliers for allowing us to serve for almost 25 years.
A personal note:  I simply want to not work full time.
Thank you.

-Rick Singmaster, Owner, Starmaster Portable Telescopes


It's been my privilege to provide you with optics since 2008, and to help run your web site.  I have great respect for your customer support and insistence on quality, and I know both have helped to change the telescope industry forever for the better.  I wish you a very happy, long, and enjoyable retirement.

-Mike Lockwood, Owner, Lockwood Custom Optics

Welcome to the Starmaster web page. Thank you for visiting our little corner of cyperspace.

We have information about our Telescopes and our Quality Assurance program, an Owner Feedback section with customer comments, a Starmaster Owners Photo Album, and email addresses of telescope owners who can answer questions from the user's point of view.

If you can't find what you're looking for, we prefer that you give us a call, but you can also send an email.

Christina and her 30" f/3.3

Saturn image by Mike Wirth
Think you can't acquire high-quality images without an equatorial mount that costs as much as your car? You'd be wrong.

The images below were taken with an unmodified, 10-year-old, 18" f/4.3 Starmaster telescope.

For more information, give Rick a call and ask him what his clients have been doing for years.
Moon image by Mike Wirth

All major components of Starmaster Telescopes are made with pride in the United States of America by small, community-based companies.

For comments or questions about this site, email Starmaster Portable Telescopes.

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