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Quality Assurance

Our emphasis on total quality control throughout our company's operation enables us to improve quality, durability, reliability and assure the overall value of each telescope we make. We use quality feedback from as many sources as possible; our employees, vendors, final inspection and test results, and, or course, our customers. This enables us to produce a telescope that combines optimal performance with cost-effective, user-friendly features and innovations. The inherent quality of our scopes makes them a pleasure to use and assures their lasting value.

Rick star testing a new 14.5" scope
All telescopes are tested BEFORE delivery

All Starmaster Telescopes are thoroughly tested by Rick (under actual observing conditions) to make sure all the components work well together in the finished product.

Rick has tested hundreds of telescopes and optical systems, and his experienced eye can spot telescope problems or optical issues that will affect performance.

This is the only way to detect and correct minor or major problems BEFORE the telescope reaches its new owner.

Assembling Rocker Boxes
Vendor Quality Assurance Program

We compare vendor products, obtain bids and evaluate interesting new products. As potential improvements are identified, we integrate these changes into our drawings and product specifications for future vendor orders. Result: components and assemblies that are reliable and abreast of the latest technical advances.

In-house manufacturing

We systematically zero in on problems and nip them in the bud before they become major problems, or worse still, are incorporated into the telescope for the user to deal with. Result: your telescope components are trouble-free, centered within their adjustment envelope and will work predictably and as advertised. Your telescope components will be of the highest quality, reliability and durability. You can expect many years of trouble-free observing with Starmaster products.

Product inspection and testing

As each component, subassembly and final assembly is completed, we rigorously test for functionality in additional to dimensional and other measurable quality characteristics. We note minor or borderline nonconformance and work with our suppliers to improve their quality control. Result: our costs are minimized, the product is improved and production delays are minimized. These benefits are passed along to our customers.

Optical testing and quality

We not only review optician-supplied certifications, we critically star-test each primary and secondary mirror received. This testing not only includes classic star tests, but also qualitative assessment of planetary (when visible) and deep-space test objects. Our opticians appreciate our ongoing review of their mirrors' performance on a regular basis. They are responsive to our feedback, not just on a very few mirrors that are sent back for latent defects that only surface under field conditions, but on overall performance as well. Result: our opticians are motivated to maintain the competitive edge which we demand, and this quality shows in the outstanding performance that is unique to our telescopes. You can rest assured that not only deep sky, but also planetary images will exceed most people's expectations.

Starmaster Telescopes only uses the finest optics, from the most reliable and consistent optical companies who are committed to the highest standards of excellence.  We work with these opticians as valued members of our quality system to maintain, and where possible, improve optical quality insuring that you will see the difference at the eyepiece.

We do not ship telescopes that have astigmatic mirrors, turned edges or other visible optical defects that we believe will affect in-focus performance.  We critically star test and use a professional grade 85 or 133 LPI (lines per inch) Ronchi grating to evaluate the primary and secondary mirrors in each telescope we deliver.  On rare occasions, we have sent mirrors back because they had defects that were not detected on the optical test bench, but were detected in our critical star tests.

Starmaster Telescopes secondary (flat) mirrors are now independently tested and refigured by Mike Lockwood. Each secondary must meet our strict standards over its entire surface.

All optical companies that supply mirrors to Starmaster Telescopes support our Optical Quality Guarantee:

Primary mirrors in Starmaster Telescopes are guaranteed to equal or exceed the performance of any other primary mirror of equal aperture and f-ratio which is readily available to the general public, numbers be damned. Mirrors in our scopes will perform beyond the theoretical limit of 50 power per inch of aperture with no visible breakdown in the image.  This is, of course, conditioned upon excellent seeing conditions, a well collimated telescope and with all mechanical components in proper adjustment.

Vendor qualifications

We critically assess each potential vendor's capability in terms of technical qualifications, production capabilities and experience with other products previously procured from them. We typically obtain multiple samples to evaluate thoroughly before integrating that item into our products. Result: only top quality components go into Starmaster telescopes.

Research and development

We have pioneered numerous innovations in optical configurations and telescope design. Each was systematically engineered at the concept stage, prototyped and evaluated out in pre-production samples. For example, our mirror cell, goto-then-track drive system, truss configuration, and the other features that make our telescopes unique were developed in this fashion. Result:  we do not field any new design application without extensive testing and experience.

We continuously strive to improve our quality and have produced a host of product improvements and optical innovations over the years. We spare no expense to increase the reliability, durability and user-friendliness of all our products. If we can get better quality, even at a higher price, we will do so because we know that the additional value we pass along to our customers by making an investment in quality is worth the time, effort and expense.

All major components of Starmaster Telescopes are made with pride in the United States of America by small, community based companies.

-Cancelled orders will be subject to a restocking fee which will be equal to 15% of the BASE price of the telescope, NO EXCEPTIONS.
-Orders are not transferable without permission of Starmaster Telescopes and will be subject to additional fees.
-We are now accepting international orders for telescopes 22" in aperture and under.

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