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Online Articles

This page contains links to articles about Starmaster Telescopes, written by various authors. Click on the links below for information about past star parties, a user's review of an 18" FX, and even the 20" F/3 MX telescope.

• Chiefland Star Party, Nov. 2009 - A 30" F/3.7 FX, a 30" F/3.3 Super FX, a 28" F/3.6 FX, a 28" F/3.7, a 20" F/3.7, an 18" F/4.3, a 16.5" F/3.7, and a 14.5" F/4.3.  Combine these with stable Florida skies, and amazing things happen.  A quick word by Rick, but most of this article is made up of reports by Starmaster owners.

• Okie-Tex 2009 - A new 22" F/3.3, a prototype Paracorr, and a prototype 21mm Ethos mean lots of fun at another great star party.  By Mike Lockwood with comments from Rick.

• The 20" F/3 MX telescope - Part 1 - photos and the story of why it was built. Some thought it was foolish - building a 20" F/3 with a 1.25"-thick mirror, but the results are in and Rick is stunned.  By Mike Lockwood

• The 20" F/3 MX telescope - Part 2 - photos and the story of a memorable night of observing in Missouri. Mike, Bob and Kim get their first look through the 20" MX telescope.  By Mike Lockwood

• The 20" F/3 MX telescope - Part 3 - Mike takes the 20" F/3 MX to Chiefland, FL, and the 2009 Winter Star Party.  By Mike Lockwood

• Paul Pietro's 18" F/3.7 updates - Paul describes observing with his 18" FX telescope in three updates: Initial Report, Update 1, Update 2

• Okie-Tex 2008 - Mike Lockwood's short story of Okie-Tex 2008. Okie-Tex is a superb fall star party at an elevation of 4500 feet in extreme northwest Oklahoma.

• The 16.5" FX Story - How it started and shared glass with another production telescope. Read the last section for the TRUTH about thin mirrors, and how they are superior to thicker ones, despite much disinformation from other parties.  By Mike Lockwood

• Imaging and Video Astronomy - featuring thoughts and images from all-around great guy and multi-Starmaster owner John VeDepo, whom we can't thank enough for his support, enthusiasm, and images.  By John VeDepo.

• Observing planetary detail with large, thin-mirror telescopes - How and why reflecting telescopes can offer amazing views of our neighbors in the solar system.  By Rick Singmaster

All major components of Starmaster Telescopes are made with pride in the United States of America by small, community based companies.

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